God and Science: a conversation

With Dr Greg Fried and Professor John Lennox
7pm, Thursday 19 April 2018
Jubilee Community Church, 21 Nelson Rd, Observatory, Cape Town
If you have profound questions about the Christian faith and how it works in the world, come and hear these two great intellectual minds as they explore credible answers to questions of faith and science. This is an event not to be missed! All welcome.
Dr Greg Fried is a senior lecturer at the University of Cape Town, where he teaches Philosophy and convenes the undergraduate PPE Humanities programme. His research includes the philosophy of microeconomics (specifically social choice theory) and of mathematics. 
Professor John Lennox is Professor of Mathematics (emeritus) at the University of Oxford and Fellow in Mathematics and Philosophy of Science. He is interested in the interface between science, philosophy and theology.
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Mark Series

Knowing Christ is the essence of being a Christian. Desiring to know him better is a hallmark of genuine faith. And so for six months in 2018, Jubilee is going to focus on the Lord Jesus as he is revealed to us in the first eight chapters of the Gospel of Mark. In this Gospel, we meet the King. Jesus displays his remarkable authority—over people, over illness, over demons, over nature, and even over death itself. Again and again, we will marvel at the authority and power of King Jesus. And as we consider him afresh, we will be reminded that He truly is the King of God’s Kingdom—and the only one worthy of our adoration and allegiance.

March Moments

During March we will have a host of various activities during our evening meeting – ranging from live bands, delicious food on sale, spoken word, and interviews on relevant questions that people are asking. Please do invite friends to join in.

Water Baptism

In obedience to and as an identification with Jesus, we baptise believers in water regularly during our Sunday morning & evening meetings. If you have not yet been baptised as a believer and would like to be included, please sign up at the Information Desk or contact Chido:

For those who attend the Jubilee Centre congregation – this will take place on Sunday 8 April
at Jubilee Centre, 21 Nelson Road, Observatory. Please contact Chido:

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Join us for a Kloof Street Conversation

Wednesday 18 April, 8pm at Jubilee Community Church, 33 Kloof Street, Cape Town with former advisor to the Australian parliament and senior itinerant with RZIM Max Jeganathan,
Talk title: Markets, Volatility, and Identity
In a volatile and uncertain economic environment, how can we find answers to the bigger questions of hope, purpose and happiness?


Jubilee Mom’s Tea & Play

Thursdays, 10am-11:30am @ Jubilee Centre

Moms of babies and toddlers, please come and join us every Thursday at 10am in Room 8 for some tea and play together with some discussions and learnings.

For further information please contact Heather Lane on 072 243 7526 or We also have an active WhatsApp and private Facebook group so even if you can’t make our Thursday meetings, please feel free to join this community. Contact Heather to be added.