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Questions About Christianity


Approaching the Christian Faith always involves questions and answers. Jesus was constantly being questioned, both by those who were following Him and by those who were hostile to Him.
Below are links to the most common questions and objections that arise amongst those seeking to know whether Christianity can stand up to scrutiny. Click on a question to read more…

1. Hasn’t the BIBLE been CHANGED over the centuries?

2. Is there any evidence for the EXISTENCE OF GOD?

3. Isn’t the Bible full of CONTRADICTIONS?

4. What about those who have NEVER HEARD? and Is Gandhi in Heaven?

5. If God is a good, loving God then why is there SO MUCH SUFFERING?

6. How can you claim that Jesus is the ONLY WAY to God?

7. Is the SUPERNATURAL Real?

8. Is God a DELUSION? (a debate with Richard Dawkins)