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Una Goliath

I was in and out of prison. For two years I was trying. Every night at midnight I would say I would change but God let me go to prison so He could deal with me.”

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Lex Loizides

I had absolutely no intention of becoming a Christian. Why would I want to become a Christian? Basically, I felt sorry for Christians. They were the ones who had to have something to believe in because they couldn’t really cope with life – or because they had blindly believed in it since childhood….”

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Dominic Mabikwe

“I learnt much about the Christian life at school, but had no personal experience with Jesus Christ. I went my own way for the first twenty years of my life, which was focused on alcohol, dagga and women. In and out of jail, living this empty and meaningless lie, I began to question what life was all about and why I was not happy…..”

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“Yesterday I went up for the healing of my knee, I have had a stiff knee
for more than a year…”

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