Jubilee’s various social ministries, geared towards assisting the needs of the community, are rooted in the desire to see transformation and restoration, not only in physical circumstances but also in the hearts of people.

In the local church, we are a community of God’s people who gather to worship and live for Him. Each person is entrusted to play a particular part; serving one another and the community, and reaching out with the gospel as salt and light in the world in which we live. Our experience of a kind and loving God who rescued us is at the core of every endeavour. It is out of the overflow of His love that we give our time, resources, expertise and skills to others.

Ikhaya Labantu

Ikhaya Labantu is a home that looks after 35 – 40 elderly and vulnerable people in Langa, caring holistically for their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Beauty for Ashes​

Beauty for Ashes, a registered NPO, is a ministry to women building new lives after incarceration, directly linked to Jubilee Community Church’s outreach programme into Pollsmoor prison.

Jubilee Health Centre

The Health Centre operates out of Jubilee Centre, 21 Nelson Rd, Observatory, Cape Town. It offers medical care, physiotherapy, HIV testing and counseling and crisis pregnancy counseling.

Pregnancy Help Centre​

We offer free counseling to anyone who finds herself with an unplanned pregnancy. Our counseling is non-directive, providing information, support and compassion.

Mercy Store​

This is primarily a clothing resource. Members make material donations to help serve folk in a time of need.

The Education Restitution Initiative​

As a means of addressing historical injustices in our country, we are involved in tutoring and supporting learners, students and young people entering the working world.


Sunshade is a place for women in our community to find a safe, loving and comfortable place to relax and be themselves. They are also empowered with knowledge and life skills so they can make informed and wise choices for their lives and for their children.

The Eden Team​

Our vision is to mobilise a team of volunteers who will live long-term in the local Salt River community in order to demonstrate the Kingdom of God in word and action.


GROW is a project of the church that transforms barren soil into vegetable patches. The produce harvested is donated to those in need, and also sold to church members, with proceeds being planted back into the project. People are also educated to cultivate their own vegetable patches, thereby improving their food security and developing their skills.

Give Her Hope​

Handmade Natural Soap Our heart is to give hope & dignity to women that have not been given employment opportunities. Empowering women and giving each one hope.

For more information got to: www.giveherhope.co.za