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Discovering and using your spiritual gift to build up your church

  • Every Christian has been given natural talents as well as spiritual gifts. The reason God has given us these talents and gifts is so that we might serve one another in love. When he talks about spiritual gifts, the Apostle Paul says, “to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good.” (1 Cor 12:7). In other words, as Christians, we’re all called to discover what our gift is, and then how to use it to serve others. Discovering and using your spiritual gift to serve the church is a significant part of your journey towards maturity.
    • Practical steps I can take at Jubilee:
      • Consider the various ministries and seek to get involved. Ministry leaders will be glad to engage with you and answer questions you might have about different ministry areas.
      • Focus on serving—because it’s often through serving that we discover where we are most useful to others.
      • Try new things. If someone invites you to serve in a new or different way, consider doing so! Although it can be scary to step out of your comfort zone, this can be a fantastic way to find out whether or not you might be suited to a ministry activity you had not previously thought about.
    • Resources: