Next Step serving others

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Serving others

  • Jesus was the Servant King. And as his followers, we seek to serve others, as he served us. A simple way to get started on your journey of serving others is by looking around to identify an area of practical need and meeting it. This could look very different from person to person. For example, this might involve serving others in your apartment complex, in your neighbourhood, or workplace, or school. This could also involve joining a ministry team at church—there are so many areas where churches need help with various tasks, and often the main requirement is simply a humble and joyful attitude to serve.
  • Practical steps I can take at Jubilee:
    • Look around before, during, and after a Sunday service. Is there anything that could be improved? Could people be better served? Be on the lookout for where there is a need for practical assistance and speak to us at the Info Desk about how you could help meet that need.
    • Many acts of service require no formal training or team-joining. If you see litter, pick it up! If someone looks lost, or in need of help or prayer, please assist!
    • Talk to your Life Group about how you can serve as a Life Group together on Sundays.

How to Walk into Church by Tony Payne