Next step unity and diversity

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Growing in your love for unity and diversity

  • Every human being has been made in the image of God. Furthermore, God’s family, the church, is made up of people from every nation and culture. God’s vision and desire is for multi-ethnic unity. As those who belong to God, we must grow in our love for what He loves—so we are to make every effort to grow in our love for unity-and-diversity.
    • Practical steps I can take at Jubilee:
      • Proactively seek to develop friendships across cultures and ethnicities.
      • Share your story with someone who is different to you, and seek to understand them and their story.
      • Proactively seek to learn more about South Africa’s racialized past, and how it impacts our society in the present.

The Church Struggle in South Africa by John W. de Gruchy