Next Step

Taking your next step

At the beginning of 2019, we looked at a key aspect of our walk with God: taking the next step in our spiritual journey. You can click here to listen to the audio message on this, where Stephen highlights one of the most encouraging verses in all of Paul’s epistles – Philippians 3.12. In this verse, we find that Paul, despite his qualifications, does not consider himself to have ‘arrived’. He is anticipating that for the rest of his life on earth there will always be a next step for him to take in moving towards the maturity that God has for him – and indeed, for each of us too.

It is a goal of the elders of Jubilee that everyone should be taking a next step in their spiritual journey – and that we would all be encouraging one another to do so. Taking a next step requires us being active and intentional. Below are some very practical guidelines that can help you identify what steps to take. We would invite you to prayerfully consider these and take your next step!

Click on a heading below, and then click on a specific step to see further information and resources that can guide you in taking each step.