Questions About Christianity


Is there any evidence for THE EXISTENCE OF GOD?


One of the objections that came up in the group discussion last night (Week 1: Who is Jesus?) was that there is, after all, no evidence that God actually exists.

‘Believing’, therefore, seems to be a leap in the dark rather than the result of proper thinking.

It was great to then observe the discussion and learn how people felt they might know true things about themselves and about God, ranging from facts (like those discussed in the talk) to finding inner peace.

The article below gives an introductory level answer to the question of evidence of God’s existence with links to four more complex arguments for those with time to read more.

Objection: There is no evidence for God’s Existence

Here is a stunning short film outlining what is known as the ‘Cosmological Argument’.

Click on the image to view.

Stunning 4 minute video of the Cosmological Argument
Stunning 4 minute video of the Cosmological Argument