Questions About Christianity


If God is a good, loving God then why is there so much suffering?


The reality of suffering, tragedy, pain and the presence of evil have inevitably raised the question of God’s goodness in our world. If God is such a good, loving God, as Christians claim, then why is there so much pain in our world?

Sometimes it is helpful to ask the questioner whether this is a theoretical objection or whether they themselves have struggled with accepting the goodness of God in their own lives because of their own experiences of suffering.

The following responses will provide a helpful introduction to the subject and can help those who are skeptical of Christian claims to at least understand how the apparent paradox can be reconciled.

Michael Ramsden provides a 25 minute response here:

Michael Ramsden on Suffering and the goodness of God

Rich Spear provides a short article (10 minutes) here:

Rich Spear (article)