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Recommended Links


You can find below some recommended resources and links.

Sunday 27 January – Take the next step handout

Click here to download Sunday 27 January’s  handout.

Jubilee Equip Recordings

If you would like to download our teaching series called Jubilee Equip, please click here to navigate to the Jubilee Equip page.

10 Sermon Series Resources 

  1. Jubilee Social Ministries handout (16 September 2018) – Click here do download the handout.

2.  Sexual Purity Pack

1) Two new articles by David Powlison: two letters to two different kinds of people
a. An Open Letter to those Non-Chalant about Sexual Sin 
b. An Open Letter to those Debilitated by Sexual Sin
2) Women and Porn by HelenThorne
3) Breaking Pornography Addiction
4)  I Messed Up (for dating couples)
5) BCRP. Application Questions & Exercises
6) More Resources
7) Redeemer CS. Daily_Temptation_Journal
8) A Time magazine article: Porn and the Threat to Virility 
9) Help for Parents

Ten Minutes to Truth
A 10-part series of ten-minute answers to relevant questions and reasons for our faith. Click on a title to view each video:
How can you know God exists?
Science is facts, faith is just belief.
You can’t trust the Bible: It’s full of contradictions.
You can’t trust the Bible: It’s been changed.
Why does your God allow such suffering and evil?
What makes Jesus so different from other great leaders?
I’m basically happy. I don’t feel I need God.
Christianity: a white man’s religion; a tool of colonialism
Aren’t all religions showing us different aspects of the same God?
Why sacrifice? Why do I need Jesus to die on a cross for me?

Further Resources:

The Gospel Coalition – some wonderful resources available on this website. Also check out the recently added TGC Africa.

Church History Review – Bite-sized chunks of yesterday to inspire faith today, by Lex Loizides.

Cross Talk – A series of bite-sized talks on Counselling, by Kyle Johnston

Writing your personal tract – Easy to give, and easy to receive.
A personal tract can help you make the most of every opportunity to share your faith with people you bump into every day. You can redeem numerous personal encounters with non-believers by offering them a short account of the difference Jesus makes in your life. Click here for further info or click here to watch a video that will equip you in writing and using your personal tract.