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The Health Centre


Jubilee Health Centre operates out of Jubilee Centre 4 days a week, offering medical care, physiotherapy, HIV testing and counseling and crisis pregnancy counseling.  

There is a R15 charge to see the Doctor, Nurse & Physio. Counselling remains free. For more information or to book an appointment please call 021 447 3630 during office hours. Meds will now be charged at R20. 

For further info on HIV testing and counselling you can also contact us on

We also run a Pregnancy Help Centre and counseling is available. Please click here to find out more.

Read below for more about what we do…


Monday: Open for counseling only from 10am – 3pm

Tuesday: Arrive 7.30am – first come, first served
Physiotherapy (appointments only): 10am – 11am
Counselling: 10am – 3pm

Wednesday: Arrive 7.30am – first come, first served
Physiotherapy (appointments only): 10am – 11am
Counselling: 10am – 3pm

Thursday: Closed

Friday: Arrive 7.30am – first come, first served
Physiotherapy (appointments only): 10am – 11am
Counselling: 10am – 3pm

Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Having recently moved into our wonderful new Health Centre with more space and facilities to care for our patients, we are running at full capacity. If you know Jesus, and are at all interested in serving alongside us in any way, whether or not you are in a medical or related profession, please contact us on 021 447 3630 or at Come and see what God is doing and join in!

The accessibility to the poor and needy of basic medical care can be limited for various reasons, not least of which is the overloading of government facilities. Many folk therefore go without medical attention, their illnesses, fears and questions un-addressed. There is a resultant loss of work, hope and health.

In 2006 the Jubilee Health Centre (JHC) was birthed in response to this. Initially the JHC consisted of a clinic offering professional, confidential and affordable primary health care to the needy within its sphere of influence.
In late 2008 two counseling services were added – a pregnancy help centre and a centre for voluntary counseling and testing (VCT) for HIV.

All three services operate together in one place, with a number of volunteers augmenting our existing staff of a doctor, two nursing sisters and a counselor. Each patient/client is cared for by a team, given professional attention and then ministered to in prayer.

There is a good working relationship between JHC and various neighboring government hospitals and clinics (and even the local police station!).


The clinic is a dispensing practice, and so patients can easily be given medication when needed, and may also be referred within the health centre, or for a specialist consultation or investigations at a local hospital.

It is open to patients 3 days a week, and we regularly see more than 100 consultations in that time.


Finding that you are pregnant when you don’t plan to be, can be a terrifying experience. For many women (and teens), abortion seems like the quickest and easiest solution. They feel overwhelmed by the pressures they are facing and desperately need help.

At PHC we offer free counseling to anyone who finds herself with an unplanned pregnancy. Our counseling is non-directive, providing information, support and compassion. It is the woman (or girl) who makes the final decision. Very often this support is sufficient to help someone through a really difficult patch and make good choices for their life.

We also offering counseling after abortion, for those who made that choice and would like someone to talk to. HIV testing and counseling is offered to all our clients too.


Believing that we can and need to play a strategic part in the war against HIV/AIDS, Jubilee Community Church is seeking to rise to the challenge by providing practical help and support for those living with HIV in our own church family and beyond.

HIV testing and counseling is available to anyone who would like it, in a compassionate and confidential environment, as part of the Jubilee Health Centre.

Feel free to email us on