We are a church made up of people from all kinds of different backgrounds, races, nations and ages who have discovered and accepted the transforming grace and kindness of Jesus Christ.

His love and leadership is the reason and foundation of our church life together. Whether you’re a visitor or a member, we’d love you to connect with what we are doing as a local church and discover a rich variety of ways that you can join in with all that God is doing amongst us. We trust that content on this website will stir you to ask God for ways in which you can make a difference for him wherever you live.


A relationship with Jesus Christ produces renewal in our thinking, feeling and choosing. The Gospel affects how we think (about life, ourselves, and our city), it affects how we feel (what we love and pursue), and it shapes the choices we make (our lifestyles and decisions).


The Gospel empowers us, through lifestyles of simplicity and service, to reflect Christ to others. We also recognize that it was God’s purpose to create a new community in Christ (Eph. 2:11-22), and so we celebrate and pursue the ideal of a diverse community formed through the Gospel.


We’re called to live beyond Sunday gatherings and midweek Bible studies; we don’t just want to attend church but we want to be the church, and therefore we seek to take responsibility for the condition of our neighbourhoods. Through this, we hope to see entire neighbourhoods and suburbs experience renewal.


The Gospel renews how we work through integrating our faith with all that we do. Our vocation is one of the primary avenues through which we can pursue the common good of the City, and so we proactively integrate our faith with our work—connecting our daily work to God’s constant work of caring for the City.


Cape Town will only experience this pervasive renewal through a movement of the gospel, our spiritual dynamic and the shaping factor of all that we do. The gospel is the way that anything is renewed and transformed—whether a heart, a relationship, a church, or a city. It is the key to all doctrine and to how we view our lives in this world. Therefore, the gospel is uniquely powerful to renew our hearts and approach to absolutely everything. As we personally embrace Jesus, we will then be able to share His life-transforming grace with our City and world.


Jubilee Community Church isn’t simply on its own mission but is joyfully in partnership with other like-minded churches and leaders to advance the gospel and the cause of Christ to the ends of the earth. Our primary partnership is with the New Ground family of churches, part of Newfrontiers. Newfrontiers is a worldwide family of churches commuted to working together to establish the Kingdom of God by restoring the church, making disciples, training leaders and planting churches.


Click here to read the full history of Jubilee Community Church, since inception in 1983.


As contemporary evangelicals, we affirm modern statements such as the Evangelical Alliance statement of faith and the Lausanne Covenant. As part of the universal church, we also hold to the ecumenical creeds (the Apostles’, Nicene-Constantinopolitan, Chalcedonian and Athanasian Creeds). As Protestant Christians, we affirm that justification is by faith alone, and stand in the tradition of Reformation confessional documents like the Heidelberg Catechism, although we believe water baptism is only for believers.

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