Current Sermon Series: Gospel Partnership – Philippians

Partnership matters. Our gospel partnership is extremely important, and nowhere in the New Testament do we see this more clearly than in the letter to the Philippians. At a time when the believers face internal and external pressures, Paul urges them to strive together for the faith of the gospel (1:27). Their teamwork would help to advance the gospel. As we study this powerful letter together we too will learn more about the Gospel –and more about how it brings us into an enduring partnership that advances God’s Kingdom. Join us every Sunday until 29 October as we explore Philippians together.

Thanking God for Babies
Sunday 22 October – during the morning service.
Jubilee Centre, Observatory

This is a time when we as a church thank God for new babies in our community, pray for them and ask for parenting grace and wisdom in the awesome responsibility of raising kids! Contact Chido:

For anyone that attends the Jubilee, Observatory congregations

Jubilee Blood Drive
Thursday 26 October, 3pm – 7.30pm
Jubilee Centre, 21 Nelson Road, Observatory

We would love for you to come and support us by giving blood. Blood might not be that precious to you, but it is so important to other people. There are many people who struggle with different diseases that need blood transfusion. A little bit of blood can help one person in a big way. So why not come through to our blood drive and donate a little bit of blood to a great cause! The blood drive will be happening on Thursday 26 October, between 3 – 7.30pm at Jubilee. Contact Sara

Please take note that there can be a few reasons why you might not be eligible to donate blood, please check out this link for more info:

Upcoming Leadership Events
Sunday 19 November, 5pm at Jubilee Centre, Observatory
The Leadership Summit is for all leaders at Jubilee Community Church. The next Leadership Summit will take place on Sunday 19 November 2017 (please noteboth the advertised dates of 29 October & 12 November no longer apply). We have changed the date to host Ross Lester, visiting preacher.


Jubilee Mom’s Tea & Play

Thursdays, 10am-11:30am @ Jubilee Centre

Moms of babies and toddlers, please come and join us every Thursday at 10am in Room 8 for some tea and play together with some discussions and learnings.

For further information please contact Heather Lane on 072 243 7526 or We also have an active WhatsApp and private Facebook group so even if you can’t make our Thursday meetings, please feel free to join this community. Contact Heather to be added.