Preparing To Get Married

Starting Thursday 10 August at Jubilee Centre, Observatory

This course is for engaged couples who are preparing to get married, as well as for couples who are seriously considering marriage but are not yet engaged. Getting married is one of the most significant steps in life, and we want to help you establish good, strong foundations for your marriage that will last a lifetime.


During the course we seek to gain a biblical understanding of marriage as God intends. A team of married couples lead interactive sessions covering some of the key facets of the marriage relationship. These include communication, decision-making, handling conflict, relating to parents and in-laws, dealing with finances, sexual intimacy, the legal aspects of getting married, and planning the wedding and honeymoon.


The course will run over four Tuesday evenings (from 14 February) plus a Saturday (25 February) at Jubilee Centre, Observatory.  Email David Adams on for more details and to sign up.