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Redemption Groups



Redemption Groups combine gospel-centred biblical truth with practical tools in a relational context. Participants meet in small groups of 5-8, led by a facilitator who guides the group through regular times of sharing, interaction and learning. Redemption Groups aim to foster deep personal renewal in specific areas as participants learn to connect God’s truth and grace to their lives.

What To Expect:

A typical Redemption Group begins with a worship and teaching session followed by a 90-minute small group discussion. Participants can expect a reframing of their lives as they study and discuss God’s redemption of His people in the Exodus story. More than Bible study, these groups aim to help participants experience Christ more deeply in their hearts and lives. Moreover, participants are required to complete readings and exercises every week, which expands and reinforces what is learned in the group meetings. Redemption Groups possess accountability, trust and confidentiality through employing established group guidelines throughout the process.

Who are Redemption Groups for?

  • People experiencing spiritual or relational stagnation, who are seeking to encounter a powerful Redeemer.
  • People struggling with the wounds of abuse or trauma, who are seeking the compassionate presence of Jesus.
  • People entangled in habitual sin or addiction, who need to come face to face with a Redeemer who delivers from suffering, pain, and sin.
  • Anyone desiring a closer relationship with Jesus.

All Redemption Group meetings take place at Jubilee Centre in Observatory. If you’re interested in being part of the next one, please contact for more information.