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The Education Restitution Initiative

We live in a context of centuries of historic injustice which has resulted in South Africa being a country with one of the highest rates of inequality in the world. 

One example is that in one year the apartheid government spent 17 times more on the education of white children than it did on the education of black children. The deliberate limiting of human flourishing has had devastating effects, exacerbated inequality and social instability, as well as impacted the relationships between different ethnic groups.

The ethos of Jubilee’s Education Restitution Initiative is to show compassion but also to demonstrate justice by making restitution. Restitution implies something should be done to restore that which has been lost. As a church, we have a great opportunity to serve those in the pastoral care of our community by supporting their educational journeys.

How does one access support from the Education Restitution Initiative?

Any high school student in the Jubilee community can come to the Homework Club on Saturday mornings from 9-11am for tutoring at the Jubilee Centre

To make an appointment regarding any other support, you’ll need to complete an application form which requires your lifegroup or ministry service leader (e.g. band leader) to complete a section before it is submitted.

Email edures@jubilee.org.za or put your name and contact number down at the info table for a call back regarding the application documents.

Once the form and documents are submitted, you will be contacted and an appointment will be made with one of our team members.

Get involved in the Education Restitution Initiative

If you would like to give to the Education Restitution Initiative, you can deposit funds directly into the bank account:

Standard Bank
Account name: Jubilee Designated Funds
Branch: Kromboom (026209)
Account number: 072903740
Reference: EDURES