logo_sunshade‘It will be a shelter and shade from the heat of the day,
And a refuge and hiding place from the storm and rain.’
Isaiah 4:6

Sunshade is a support group for women in the Salt River and surrounding areas. Our ladies mostly come from disadvantaged backgrounds and are unemployed yet have families to support, often on their own.  At Sunshade we firstly provide a safe, loving and comfortable place for the ladies to relax and be themselves. We also empower our ladies with knowledge and life skills so they can make informed and wise choices for their lives and for their children.

We cover issues such as health, diet, parenting, conflict resolution and many other topics. We also are very creative, often doing crafts and have lots of fun times with outings, karaoke, pamper mornings etc. Sunshade is an ‘oasis in a crazy world’ for these ladies. At the same time we run an educational pre school programme for the young children of our ladies.

We would love any ladies to come and join us:
 We meet every Tuesday during term time
 10:00am til 12:00pm
 Includes a healthy lunch!

 If you would like donate anything to the The Incredible Recycling Swop Shop featured below, please get in touch via jol@jubilee.org.za

 You can also make a financial donation via our account with GivenGain, using your credit card or debit card. Please click on the button below:

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We have recently launched The Incredible Recycling Swop Shop for the ladies. They collect recycling from their homes and community and we swop this for points. With these points they can shop in our shop for toiletries, non perishable food, stationary, clothes etc. This means they have the dignity of earning basic commodities for their families whilst learning about looking after their environment. For this initiative to be maintained we need to keep our shop stocked with donations of goods or money from individuals, groups and companies. Please contact us if you can help us with donations, or please click the button below to make a donation via GivenGain:


Donate via GivenGain