Recommended Links


You can find below some recommended resources and links. Enjoy!

Ten Minutes to Truth 
A 10-part series of ten-minute answers to relevant questions and reasons for our faith. Click on a title to view each video:
How can you know God exists?
Science is facts, faith is just belief.
You can’t trust the Bible: It’s full of contradictions.
You can’t trust the Bible: It’s been changed.
Why does your God allow such suffering and evil?
What makes Jesus so different from other great leaders?
I’m basically happy. I don’t feel I need God.
Christianity: a white man’s religion; a tool of colonialism
Aren’t all religions showing us different aspects of the same God?
Why sacrifice? Why do I need Jesus to die on a cross for me?

The Gospel Coalition – some wonderful resources available on this website.

Church History Review – Bite-sized chunks of yesterday to inspire faith today, by Lex Loizides.

Cross Talk – A series of bite-sized talks on Counselling, by Kyle Johnston

Writing your personal tract – Easy to give, and easy to receive.
A personal tract can help you make the most of every opportunity to share your faith with people you bump into every day. You can redeem numerous personal encounters with non-believers by offering them a short account of the difference Jesus makes in your life. Click here for further info or click here to watch a video that will equip you in writing and using your personal tract.