Here are more details on the seminars:


Venue: Jubilee, 21 Nelson Road, Observatory
Hosts: Geoff and Caroline Shave

God has placed you where you are for such a time as this, so how can you intentionally reach out to others in a natural, relevant and engaging way? This Biblical, practical and highly interactive course will help motivate and equip you to recommendJesus to people in your sphere of influence. It is facilitated by Geoff and Caroline Shave who between them have almost 50 years of experience in sharing their faith and recommending Jesus to others.

Session downloads available (Click title to download):
Week 1:  Conversational intelligence
Week 2:  What’s your story?
Week 3:  The Gospel Truth
Week 4:  Reaching your world


Venue: Jubilee, 21 Nelson Road, Observatory
Host: Ryan Saville

The aim of this seminar is to increase your relational bandwidth and improve your bridge building skills. It will focus on four foundational cornerstones for bridge building, namely, formation of systems, culture, ideology and race. Each session will include teaching from the Bible, input from a specialist speaker or panel of specialists, time for Q&A, and will conclude with an opportunity for reflection. Sessions will not only be informative, but creative spaces for fresh inspiration. Join this seminar to improve your ability to engage, respond and inspire social change.

Session downloads available (Click title to download):
Week 1: The Land Question: Prof. Sharlene Swartz (from the HSRC) and Interviews
Week 2: Dealing with the legacy of racism: Mahlatse Mashua (Director of RZIM Africa) & Grant Porthan (EDEN Project) and Interviews
Week 3: Exploring the formation of systemic injustice: Ryan Saville & a panel discussion 
Week 4: Navigating the relationship between ideology, culture & Christ: Prof. John Volmink (CPUT & Cornerstone Institute) 


Venue: Jubilee, 21 Nelson Road, Observatory
Hosts: David & Danielle Fraser (assisted by a team of presenters)

God has given us a number of ways to grow in our faith. Sometimes it can seem like we’re supposed to automatically know how to read the Bible, to pray, or to live out the Christian life. But much of this doesn’t come automatically to many of us. Yet we have lots to learn from what the Bible and the experience of Christians over the years say about how to grow in Christ. Whether you’ve been a Christian for years, or have newly come to faith in Christ, this is a practical seminar that will help you to open up new channels of growth in your own life so that you can get to know God better.

Session downloads available (Click title to download):
Week 1: How to nourish yourself in the Bible
Week 2: Growing in prayer
Week 3: The empowering and gifts of the Spirit
Week 4: Spiritual community – why being together helps us to grow


Venue: Jubilee, 21 Nelson Road, Observatory
Hosts: Doug & Sam Clothier and Jeremy & Michele Hansen (as well as a range of guest speakers and a panel of experienced parents)

Parenting is an incredible God-given privilege, but also has many challenges. Every Christian parent wants to love their kids, point them to God and raise them with Biblical wisdom. Join us for a four-part series where we will be equipped together as we look at Biblical principles and gain practical wisdom from parents’ experience through the years. Our desire is that you will be shaped, challenged and will grow as you reflect on parenting. There are two seminars to choose from: 0 – 10 years or 11 – 18 years. The two seminars will cover similar material, but will be geared for parenting these specific ages. Join us to hear a variety of speakers, listen to panel discussions, ask questions and engage in small group discussion.

Session downloads available (Click title to download):
Week 1: Foundations and goals as a parent ( 0 – 10 years ) 
Week 1: Foundations and goals as a parent ( 11 – 18 years ) 
(Biblical foundations of family; goals as parents; authority as a parent; and God’s grace for parents)
Week 2: Day to day parenting ( 0 – 10 years )
Week 2: Day to day parenting ( 11 – 18 years )
(Parenting intentionally; keeping the heart in focus; affirming the positive; dealing with conflict & discipline)
Week 3: 21st century culture
Week 3: 21st century culture ( 0 – 10 years )
(Biblical principles for raising kids in today’s world [of technology] )
Week 4: Biblical wisdom for raising kids to love God ( 0 – 10 years )
Week 4: Biblical wisdom for raising kids to love God ( 11 – 18 years )
(Being engaged with our kids; church; praying for/with your kids; healthy discussion with our kids)


Host: Lex Loizides

This four-part seminar aims to help you grow, mature, and lead by example as a Christian in the workplace. Each of the main topics will be handled by a seasoned practitioner in a 30-minute presentation, and will be followed by a 40-minute panel discussion. Each panel will be comprised of four believers who have experience of the specific topic under discussion and can speak from a variety of perspectives.

Sessions download coming soon:
Week 1: Character – Steve Murphy (Head of Reinsurance, Santam)
Week 2: Being a good team player – Sam Houlie (Chief Investment Officer, Counterpoint Asset Management)
Week 3: Helping others move forward (mentoring & coaching) – Kerrey Ann Baker (Senior Buyer, Home Choice)
Week 4: Consistency in work, home, church – Wimpie Mostert (Director, Tabor Construction)
Other topics also included: Building teams; Handling conflict; Promotion; Work-Life balance; Sharing your faith & life.


Venue: Jubilee, 33 Kloof Street, Gardens
Hosts: Kyle Johnston, Sjah Ndaba, and Lester Pillay

God’s growth process involves us growing in our knowledge of His Word—the Bible. This course aims to equip you to dig deeper into the Bible to become a more effective disciple. Each evening we’ll be looking at some helpful Bible-reading tools that are particularly useful when reading the Gospels. These tools will be explained and then used in interactive exercises. After this practical and fun ‘toolbox’ section, we’ll then have expositions from each of the Gospels that capture the different portraits of discipleship we see in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Session downloads, coming soon:
Week 1: Bible reading tool #1 and Matthew’s portrait of discipleship
Week 2: Bible reading tool #2 and Mark’s portrait of discipleship
Week 3: Bible reading tool #3 and Luke’s portrait of discipleship
Week 4: Bible reading tool #4 and John’s portrait of discipleship