Leadership Transition Statement

Dear Jubilee,

At the members’ meeting on the 10th August 2021, we made the following sad announcement:

After a process over several months involving the Jubilee eldership team and members of the Advance and Newfrontiers leadership teams, Stephen van Rhyn has stepped down as an elder of Jubilee Community Church.

Stephen has served Jubilee in a dedicated way for many years and as lead elder for 16 years, for which we are grateful. Notwithstanding this, as he outlined in his letter to the church, Stephen has recognised that areas of his leadership have included harmful actions and behaviours that have caused hurt to people. In this context, he has stepped down from eldership and other leadership responsibilities and has invited senior leaders to provide counsel and care.

As elders, we are ensuring that the van Rhyn family is cared for pastorally and financially. To assist this process, Stephen and Anna have decided to worship at another local Advance partner church. This allows Stephen time to receive counsel and to seek to implement the necessary changes in his own life to enable a restorative process.

We invite you to join us in prayer during this time. As always, please do feel welcome to approach any of us with your questions. 

With love,

the Jubilee Elders