Next step joining a life group

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Joining a life group

  • Being a Christian is a community project. Despite our modern culture’s emphasis on the individual, the Bible repeatedly teaches us that Christians are people in relationship—relationship with God and relationship with one another. At Jubilee, the primary way we seek to give expression to this reality is through our Life Groups. Life Groups are small (10-15 people) groups that meet during the week to deepen friendship and connect God’s Word to our lives. Being part of the Jubilee family involves a connection to others through a Life Group.
  • Practical steps I can take at Jubilee:
    • Join a Life Group by connecting at the Visitor’s Desk after the service.
    • Seek the welfare of your Life Group through consistent attendance, regular prayer, and meaningful involvement.

God’s New Community: New Testament patterns for today’s church by Graham Beynon